Erasmus+ Project "PASS2WORK"

The aim of the project is to improve pupils' acquisition of social skills at secondary school and in vocational training colleges in order to facilitate the later transition to work,study or training. Cooperation in the teaching of social skills between the schools handing the pupils over and the establishments taking them on (companies hiring trainees, tertiary education institutions) needs to be strengthened. 

Goal setting:

  • Pupils master the fundamental social competencies (e.g. communication skills, the ability to resolve conflict, proficiency in problem solving, independent learning, the ability to concentrate) that are expected during training and work.
  • As a result of the social skills gained, the number of those seeking training at the end of school who cannot be placed will be reduced.
  • With the skills described above (perseverance, ability to concentrate, motivation) the number of those abandoning their training or studies will be reduced.
  • Through the promotion of intercultural competencies, the ability to communicate and work with an increasing diversity of people will be improved.

Intellectual Output: Social competences from a pupils' perspective.

Pupils of the participating schools have contributed their ideas about what social competences look like in school life by drawing them on paper. Below, you will find a few examples of a much bigger collection.

Main goal - an educational plan for the acquisition of social skills!

An educational plan for the acquisition of social skills is being developed jointly with the project partners involved (each from different perspectives) and implemented in the participating schools as a pilot project. The concept will be available for all schools at the end of the project period (October 2018).


Participating institutions

Kreis Soest

Hoher Weg 1-3
59494 Soest

Christoph Niggemeier
Tel.: +49 2921 30-2594

Andrea Bergmann
Tel.: +49 2921 30-2889

Brief description

With its 14 cities and municipalities on a surface of 1.328 km², the Kreis Soest is the fourth biggest district in Northrhine-Westphalia. Together with the neighboring districts Hochsauerlandkreis, Märkischer Kreis, Kreis Olpe and Siegen-Wittgenstein, the Kreis Soest shapes the region of Südwestfalen (South Westphalia).

For the Soest district, the Local Coordination Centre for the Transition from School to Employment has the task of bringing together all of the partners involved in the transition process, as well as arranging transport, initiating consultations, drawing up agreements between partners, monitoring the effectiveness of measures and ensuring quality control and evaluation at local level. Furthermore, the local coordination centre is an integral part of the local education authority, which provides regular education conferences and specialist meetings on all matters of education and issues related to the transition process.

The Europe-Agency (EA), as well part of the district authority, is responsible for the EU funding, the overall project management for the whole international consortium and spokesperson to the National EU Agency. The EA has supervision over all intellectual outputs and is responsible to deliver the funded outcomes. Furthermore the EA does coordinate the Transnational Meetings, the working periods between meetings and provides monitoring for all project participants.

Responsibilities in P2W ERASMUS+ applicant, co-ordinator, project manager



Hattroper Weg 16
59494 Soest

Thomas Busch , pricinpal
Tel.: 0049 2921 36640

Reiner Linpinsel, coordinator for European projects
Tel.: 0049 2921 366426

Brief description

The Hubertus-Schwartz-Berufskolleg (HSBK) focuses on the subject of business and administration. In other words, the educational offer includes commercial programs in the full-time sector (vocational schools) and in the part-time area (programs in the dual system leading to vocational qualifications). At the HSBK approx. 1950 students are taught by 103 full-time or part-time teachers.

The HSBC has been active of an international level since 1992 and has participated in Leonardo projects, Comenius school partnerships and Comenius Regio projects. Currently, the HSBK participates in various Erasmus + projects and is partner in a DFJW / OFAJ project. In addition, there are regular student exchange activities with the partner school from Poland. Every year the HSBK is also a host institution for interns from partner schools in Spain, France and Italy.

On February 7, 2008, the Hubertus-Schwartz-Berufskolleg received the certification as a European School by the Ministry for School and Further Education as well as the Minister for Federal and European Affairs of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia for the internationalization of the educational offer.

Since 2015 the HSBK has been accredited for the Erasmus VET Mobility Charter.

Responsibilities in P2W

Partner: Erasmus+ project (KA 2)  "PASS2WORK"

Coordinating School: Erasmus+ project (KA 2) "Start up - Wege in die berufliche Selbstständigkeit"

Partner: DFJW/OFAJ,  trinationales Projekt  "Unternehmer werden"

Applicant:  Erasmus+ project (KA 1) "WinE - workplacement in European enterprises" 2017

Applicant:  Erasmus+ project (KA 1) "WinE - workplacement in European enterprises" 2018



Otto-Hahn-Straße 25
59557 Lippstadt

Michael Flore, Schulleiter
Tel.: +49 2941 29000

Anke Wertz, Europabeauftragte
Tel.: +49 2941 29000

Brief description

The Lippe-Berufskolleg des Kreises Soest in Lippstadt is a big vocational college, with about 3.200 students and 150 teachers. It is divided into three departments:

  • technical department
  • business and administration department and
  • social pedagogics and agriculture department.

Our students are both full-time students in full-time vocational education and trainees (part-time students) in the dual system of vocational education. Our goals, as an institution, are to prepare students for both the world of further education and for work and to develop our students' personal, social and vocational action competences. Lippstadt has several internationally operating companies which are main employers in the area. Therefore, it is important for our students to acquire international skills to be able to find employment. For this reason the LBK puts emphasis on European activities which are carried out by all departments. LBK is a certified European school and received its recertification in the year 2015.

Responsibilities in P2W Project partner school


Aldegrever-Gymnasium Soest

Burghofstraße 20
59494 Soest

Frau Pownuk
Tel.: +49 2921 4658

Brief description The Aldegrever-Gymnasium Soest is attended by 662 students who are taught by 63 teachers. The school is located right in the city center of Soest. Since 2008 it is a certified "Europaschule", meaning that great emphasis is put on preparing students for life in the united Europe of the 21st century. Not only a deeper understanding for the multidimensional identity of Europe should be fostered, but also multilingualism is supposed to be supported by this type of school. That is why students have the opportunity to be educated bilingually. (German and English) Moreover, they can learn French, Latin, Spanish, Italian and Russian. Additionally, the Aldegrever-Gymnasium Soest annually arranges several exchange programs for its students. Indeed, it maintains partnerships with schools in Great Britain, France, Russia, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia and Turkey. Consequently, a main goal of this school is to foster students' intercultural competences. Last but not least, there are several working groups which can be joined by all students. (DFB-soccer group, English-Drama-group, German drama group, One-world group, etc.)
Responsibilities in P2W Project partner


Europaschule Ostendorfgymnasium Lippstadt
Cappeltor 5
59555 Lippstadt


Johannes Kuchlbauer
02941/ 97 91 0

Madeleine Götte
Tel.: +49 2941 97910

Brief description

Lippstadt has roughly 70.000 inhabitants and is situated in the Lippe valley, roughly 70 kilometres east of Dortmund and roughly 30 kilometres west of Paderborn. The town of Lippstadt is part of the Kreis Soest, which is the fourth biggest district in Northrhine-Westphalia.

Europaschule Ostendorf Gymnasium Lippstadt

  • has around 810 students
  • German secondary school up to Abitur
  • bilingual branch
  • 75 teachers and 7 trainee teacher
  • systematic career and study orientation as part of "no degree without transition"
Responsibilities in P2W  
Co-partner as secondary school representation


Fachhochschule Südwestfalen

Lübecker Ring 2
59494 Soest

Frau Prof. Dr. Kohring
Tel.: 02921/3783100

Judith Heimann
Tel.: 02921/3783455

Brief description Welcome to South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences!

With 14,000 students registered on 54 Bachelor and Masters courses and eight faculties, South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest of its kind in North Rhine Westphalia. Despite this, it is a friendly studying environment at its campuses in Hagen, Iserlohn, Meschede, Soest and Lüdenscheid. Professors are always willing to listen, everyone gets involved and successes are celebrated together.

Specialists and leaders for business

We train qualified specialists and leaders in the fields of engineering, natural sciences, information technology, business administration and agricultural economics. It's not just the kudos that the former institutions enjoyed that makes for successful graduates. A close network with collaborative partners from business, associations and institutions offers positive prospects for a successful start to a professional career and a happy life.
Responsibilities in P2W Cooperation Partners


Hochschule Hamm-Lippstadt

Marker Allee 76-78
59063 Hamm

Frau Hansmeier
Tel.: +49 2381 8789210



Rixbecker Straβe 75
59552 Lippstadt

Brief description

HELLA - Technology with vision

HELLA is a global, family-owned company, listed on the stock exchange, with more than 40,000 employees at over 125 locations in some 35 countries. The HELLA Group develops and manufactures products for lighting technology and electronics for the automotive industry and also has one of the largest retail organizations for automotive parts, accessories, diagnostics, and services within Europe. With more than 7,000 people working in research and development, HELLA is one of the most important innovation drivers on the market. Furthermore, with sales of 6.6 billion euros in the fiscal year of 2016/2017, the HELLA Group is one of the top 40 automotive parts suppliers in the world and one of the 100 largest German industrial companies.

Full speed ahead - Start your career at HELLA

HELLA is your perfect vocational training partner for both your personality and your goals. Whether you choose one of our ten vocational trainings with commercial, technical or information technology background or a dual study program - we will support you right from the start, every step of the way.

Responsibilities in P2W Reflect position, view and demand of companies


Steirische Volkswirtschaftliche Gesellschaft

Freiheitsplatz 2/3
8010 Graz

Dr. Michaela Marterer
Tel.: +43 676 84171714

Brief description The "Styrian Association for Education and Economics - STVG" founded in 1955, is an educational institution with the central focus on "education and economics" that makes a sustainable impact, entrepreneurial, economically, industrially oriented education at local and regional level, but also in numerous national and European cooperation.

STVG is a member of the "Austrian Association for Education and Economics - VGÖ", recognized as such as adult education institution in accordance with Adult Education Subsidy Law of the Federal Republic of Austria.

STVG is a not for-profit non-government organization in the legal entity of an association, with companies and individuals as members, currently with 21 f employees.

Main activities are addressed at the interfaces between school initial education and secondary and postsecondary vocational, especially dual training and other forms of work-based learning education for young adults, according to the concept of lifelong learning.

STVG is strategically and operationally strongly involved in processes and projects at provincial level as well as at national and European level. STVG was representing Austria on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education in ELGPN - European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network.

Main activities are addressed at the interfaces between school initial education and secondary and postsecondary vocational, especially dual training and other forms of work-based learning education for young adults, according to the concept of lifelong learning, developing an economic and technology-oriented culture throughout the education system and transporting essential messages and insights on business and industry in education system and into society in an European and global context.
Responsibilities in P2W The Styrian Association for Education and Economics STVG contributes its expertise as a regional, national and European educational institution, at the interfaces of primary school education, vocational training in school and business and adult education.

STVG is also active in research and development on skills and qualification requirements in business and the world of work Experience and expertise from this background are the basis of participation in Pass2Work

The specific responsibilities of the project, together with the Austrian partner schools, are to contribute to the understanding of requirements from business and the world of work on social and personal competences, as well as approaches to methods in schools, in order to promote and develop these competencies

In the program of Pass2Work is the STVG e.g. responsible for activities to acquire social skills with a focus on involvement of parents in the process of development of social skills. In addition, STVG contributes its expertise in the needs assessment of competences, in the determination of competence as well as the evaluation.


Polytechnische Schule Leibnitz

Karl Morre-Gasse 16
8430 Leibnitz

Tel.: +43 3452 82871


Gemeinde 's-Hertogenbosch

Municipality of `s-Hertogenbosch
Postbus 12345
5200 GZ `s-Hertogenbosch


Katja Brooijmans
Tel.: +31 6 15091329

Mariève Craste
Tel.: +31 6 14801081

Brief description

's-Hertogenbosch is the capital of Brabant, the Netherlands' largest province. The city has approximately 151,000 inhabitants and offers a wide range of education. The main goals of Education, Labour market and Participation policy in 's-Hertogenbosch is to enable the development of individual talents and reduce the number of young people leaving school without qualifications. The municipality takes the lead in connecting schools, (regional) businesses/companies and government. It stimulates the development of quality in education. `s-Hertogenbosch pays special attention to at risk youths. A considerable number of projects for preventing early school drop-out, youth unemployment and projects aimed at reintegrating youngsters have been developed.

Key topics are Labour market orientated career orientation and career guidance, social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial spirit in general, promotion technology, talent development and personalised learning. We especially put effort in the on-going learning pathways. The municipality puts a lot of energy and passion in building networks and to keep them sustainable.

Responsibilities in P2W ERASMUS+ applicant, partner, coordinating the Dutch partners (Ansprechpartner)


Vereniging Ons Middelbaar Onderwijs
Van Maerlant college / Bossche Vakschool

Postbus 574
5000 AN Tilburg

Fleur Cerini (director since december 2017)
Tel.: +31 73 6132931

Jan van den Nieuwenhuizen (teacher)
Tel.: +31 73 6132931

Brief description

The Ons Middelbaar Onderwijs association OMO

Ons Middelbaar Onderwijs, founded in 1916, is an association of secondary schools located mainly in the province of North Brabant. The schools - from grammar schools to employment-oriented training centres - develop the talents of each student by providing 'a good education' ('goed onderwijs') inspired by the Catholic tradition. The schools thus provide students with an appropriate launchpad for further education and prepare them for entering into society.

De Bossche Vakschool - part of Ons Middelbaar Onderwijs - is a school  for prevocational secondary education in 's-Hertogenbosch.

About 500 students participate in the schoolprograms.  The school offers education to students who are capable to end the 4 years program with a diploma "VMBO-Basisberoepsgericht , VMBO-Kaderberoepsgericht".

Characteristics of the schools are an excellent learning environment with serenity, order and clearness, a lot of space for talentdevelopment, enthousiastic staff, good preparation for the next step in education (Vocational Educational Training and Higher Vocational Education), entrepreneurial education by supporting independance, self-esteem, courage and creativity.

De Bossche Vakschool is in the process to raise the quality of the curriculum. An important topic is acquiring the right social skills need at the labour market. The school wants to prepare young students (age between 12 and 17 years) better for the transition to vocational education.

Responsibilities in P2W The schools play an important role in this project, on the one hand developping the new instrument and experimenting this at the school.


GWS dé schoonmaker

Westeind 10
5245 NL Rosmalen

Gaby Westelaken
Tel.: +31 6 53983256

Brief description

GWS de schoonmaker is a cleaning company and a enterprise with a social impact. It employs 400 people in the Region Noord Brabant. Our scope is cleaning maintenance, window cleaning, floor maintenance, Deep cleaning kitchens, solar panels cleaning. All our employees are trained and get a degree.

We give people a chance: In total there are 180 employees belonging to vulnerable groups.

GWS de schoonmaker has a long term experience in getting unemployed and people with a distance to in the labour market back to work. We give our employees a course in cleaning and finally an offical degree. They get a special module in social skills.

We offer a special training for people who come from social welfare. They get a training of 9 weeks. Besides the cleaning course they get special training from a psychologist and a game trainer. So they develop self-confidence and learn social skills. We give special attention to workers from vulnerable groups.

We are also involved in the development of the Regional labour market. We work together with schools and municipalities. We take the lead in developing social work. Getting unemployed people back to work and in a job. We are experimenting in how to get people involved in learning the basic social skills which are expected/necessary.

Responsibilities in P2W Project Partner, entrepreneur, business involvement


City College Plymouth

Kings Road
United Kingdom

Fiona Hurrell
Head of Patrnerships
Tel.: +44 1752 856822 

Mike Jones
Employability & Enterprise Manager
Tel.: +44 1752 856816

Brief description

City College Plymouth's Vision:

To be the South West's leading provider of innovative, technical and professional education and training by supporting partnerships for growth, raising aspirations and fostering wealth creation.

Our Mission: 

We are a College with a national reputation for promoting enterprise, employability and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Our mission and vision provide the focus for our College community - students, staff and partners. They are not simply gentle aspirations; they are catalysts for action and are:

  • capable of translation into hard-edged, measurable and practical outputs
  • the link between the aspirations of individual staff members and our collective organisational values
  • focused on the student, the customer, the employer and the wider community
  • statements which the College is committed to implementing for the benefits of all of our constituents
  • reflections of our core beliefs and what we value in each other and in our external relationships
  • ways in which we would wish to be perceived by those within and without the organisation
  • benchmarks for guiding behaviour and decision making.

Our Values:

  • we put our students and our community at the heart of all that we do
  • we foster excellence, innovation and creativity
  • we celebrate diversity and inclusion and the breaking down of barriers to success
  • we have high expectations of ourselves, our students and our partners.
Responsibilities in P2W Project Partners


Concept for Schools

The ERASMUS+ project PASS2WORK has, as its main intellectual output, developed a Concept for Schools to improve the social skills of their students.